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2005 LLLI ConverenceTechnology Room Blog Headquarters

Get a variety of first-hand impressions of the 2005 LLLI Conference by reading our Conference Blogs! Our intrepid bloggers have shared conference preparations, notes on their travel, impressions during the conference, as well as reflections after the conference is over! You are welcome to provide feedback or ask questions, too!

We've worked hard to find a range of conference attendees, so we will have many different perspectives, from long-time LLL Leaders to first-time attendees, to fathers and young people experiencing the conference with their parents. Click on the links below to read a blog--you will have a link back to this page so you can read any of the others, too!

Meet the Bloggers!

  • Erin, an LLL Leader from Ontario, Canada
  • Patty, an LLL Leader from Georgia, USA
  • Gail, an LLL Leader from Wisconsin, USA
  • Chana, an LLL member and daughter of a Leader from New York, USA
  • Anton, husband of a Leader from Michigan, USA
  • Kate, 9-year-old daughter of a Leader from the Washington DC area
  • Celia, 15-year-old daughter of a Leader from Missouri, USA
  • Abigail, an LLL Leader from California, USA
  • Ana, an LLL Leader from Mexico City, Mexico
  • Rosetta, an LLL Leader and Alumnae Member from Kansas, USA
  • Technology Room Blog: Don't forget, you can also read about the Tech Room staff's conference experiences, and some interesting reflections on the conference in our own blog.

    Note: While we encourage participation in the LLLI Conference blogs, the Technology Room staff reserves the right to delete any comment deemed inappropriate or disrespectful to the bloggers.

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