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2005 LLLI ConverenceMemo Regarding the World Faire

July 2004
To: Leaders around the World
From: Judy Guarco, LLLI Conference Pizzazz Team
Re: The World Faire

Come one, come all to the Faire! By popular demand, "The World Faire" will return to LLLI's 19th International Conference, July 2-5, 2005, in Washington, DC!

"The World Faire" has become an increasingly popular event at our International Conference. A 'must-attend' event for all, it gives everyone a chance to travel around the world one table at a time. Held in the grand ballroom, The Faire will be filled with tables, each representing a different LLLI area, affiliate or Mother-to-Mother support group. The space on the table is used in a variety of ways to inform everyone about their little corner of the globe. As people arrive at the Faire they receive a passsport and travel the world one table at a time.

The success of the Faire depends on participation of all Areas and Affiliates throughout the world. We want to give conference registrants and their families a glimpse of the entire globe -- and all the people in it who
are interested in breastfeeding. We need you to start planning your table now and let me know I can reserve you a spot! Here's some information to get your ideas and enthusiasm flowing:

When: The conference opens on Saturday, July 2. The World Faire will be held on Sunday evening July 3.

What: Your space is used to tell all about your corner of the globe -- the families that live there, mothers who breastfeed and how you reach them, items native to the area -- whatever you would like to share. It can be as simple or elaborate as you'd like to make it. Variety is what makes this evening so special!

  • Breastfeeding Information. League Leaders love to look at breastfeeding pamphlets, meeting ideas and other LLL-related information. Show us your area's publications.
  • Photos, posters, pictures -- of meetings, gatherings, mothers and babies and local scenery.
  • Things to sell! This is my favorite part every time! Souvenirs and gifts from all over the world that I couldn't have found anywhere else. These should be things specifically from your area, and the proceeds benefit your home area or affiliate.
  • Give away items. These are very popular with all ages.
  • Table covering. Dress up your table with a tablecloth or some other kind of textile from your area. Native costumes are an idea, too!
  • A sticker or an ink-stamp to stamp 'passports'. Everyone needs their passport stamped as a souvenir of their trip.
  • People. Above all, we need representatives of your group at each table throughout the evening. This is a chance to meet one another and share the many things we have in common.

To run smoothly, this event requires planning. Please reserve your spot today!!


To reserve a table, please send us the following information:

Contact person for the Faire's name, address, and phone/fax/email

Please use our Contact Form and select "Education and Member Services."

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