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2005 LLLI ConverenceTen Ways a Leader Can Share the Conference Experience

Mary Hurt
LLLI Public Relations Associate
from LEAVEN, April-May 2004

1. An LLLI Conference is first and foremost a continuing education experience for Leaders. LLLI Conferences present cutting-edge information on the latest research about breastfeeding and breastfeeding management. Conference attendees are consistently pleased with the high level of breastfeeding information offered.

2. Some of the learning at an LLLI Conference is informal. It is not unusual to sit next to someone, perhaps from another corner of the globe, who has found a solution to one of the challenges you routinely face in your Group.

3. Leaders can share new books with their Group and bring back insights from the authors that they hear speak. LLLI often debuts new books at Conferences. Look in future updates to find out what new books and authors may be highlighted at this Conference. Leaders can often save shipping and handling costs on books purchased at the Conference.

4. Conference sessions will be available on CD-ROM at a greatly reduced price for those who attend. It’s a wonderful way to listen to any missed sessions and to keep as a permanent reference resource in your Group Library.

5. Leaders can visit the interesting and extensive Exhibit Hall to bring gifts, ideas, catalogues, and even future fundraising ideas back to their Group.

6. Conference topics include parenting information for babies through teens. When a Leader becomes even more informed as a parent, she gains additional information to share with the mothers she helps.

7. Most often, all of the LLLI Founders attend the LLLI Conference. New Leaders, Leaders of over 20 years, and Leaders from outside the host country will have an opportunity to have lunch with one of the Founders and other Leaders. Leaders say the inspiration they experience from this opportunity is often the highlight of their Conference experience. The enthusiasm of this encounter creates a ripple effect that touches everyone the Conference attendee meets.

8. The LLLI Conference is one of the only places where you can experience a breastfeeding world vision. You can even walk around the world in a couple of hours at the World Faire.

9. Many Leaders meet with Group members before they register for the Conference and ask them to suggest topics they would like to know more about. When they return from the Conference, they then hold an Evaluation Meeting sharing what they learned at the Conference.

10. An LLLI Conference is a snapshot of what a breastfeeding culture would look like. It is three days that will leave you refreshed and motivated in your quest to help mothers breastfeed their babies.

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