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8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

#212 – Global Session-Monitoring: International Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) Monitor Infant and Young Child Feeding

Jennifer Yourkavitch, MPH, New Partner/Child Health Advisor, Macro International, Maryland, USA

This session will describe the monitoring practices of USAID’s Child Survival and Health Grant Program grantees, who seek to raise breastfeeding rates and increase support for breastfeeding among mothers, families, communities, health care providers, and policy makers. During the interactive part of the session, a handout of a situation analysis will be available and attendees will discuss recommendations for next steps in information gathering and possible program recommendations

Boulevard A

Rebecca Magalhães – Introducer

#213 – Global Session-Prioritize Breastfeeding: Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Networking for Breastfeeding

Jenny Perez-Genge, M.Ed., LLL Leader, Bolivia

This session will address the important role of non-governmental organizations in fostering personal and social well-being and how this is key to sustainable social practices.

Boulevard B

Heidi Kuonen-Goetz- Introducer

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

#226 – Global Session-Health and Nutrition: Nurturing Healthy Mothers and Babies Through Indigenous Foods

Nona D. Andaya-Castillo, IBCLC, Director, Nurturers of the Earth, Philippines; Elvira L. Henares-Esguerra, MD, FPDS, RPh, IBCLC, Director, Children for Breastfeeding-Philippines, Hilarion M. Henares, Jr, Doctor of Economics, Presidential Consultant on National Affairs/Philippines, Director, HEAL the Philippines - Philippines

This session seeks to develop appreciation and increased consumption of indigenous foods that are sustainable and accessible to ensure the health and nutritional status of women throughout all stages of life.

Boulevard A

Lisa Serebrin – Introducer

#227 – Global Session-Empower Women: Women Networks to Improve Child Nutrition and Health in Guatemala

Irma de Maza; Educator, LLL Leader, Coordinator of Infant Feeding Component, Nutrition Program, Ministry of Health, Guatemala; Maryanne Stone-Jiménez, MSc, ACCE, IBCLC, LLL Leader - Canada

This session will demonstrate how empowering women through training in infant feeding and communication skills is a strategy that helps impoverished communities improve their child feeding practices and reduce infant morbidity, malnutrition and mortality.

Boulevard B

Gisele Laviolle- Introducer

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

#242-Global Session-BFHI:

Revitalizing and Expanding the Baby-Friendly Initiative Through Strengthening the Health Care System and Empowering the Community

Priscilla Stothers, BSN, LLL Leader, Co-Founder and President, LLL DR, Peer Counselor Trainer - Dominican Republic; Licette Colón, LLL Leader, Vice-President of LLL DR, Educator, Founder, Director of CRIANDO -Dominican Republic This session will present a multisectoral approach to revitalizing and expanding BFHI, by bringing all the stakeholders together in an effective manner with a network of contacts, a clear vision, strong leadership and capable trainers.

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Introducer – to be determined

#243-Global Session-CODE: Linking Locally and Acting Globally to Support Breastfeeding Babies and Mothers through the Code

Ines A. Fernandez, Founder, ARUGAAN, Co-Coordinator, WABA Women and Work Task Force, IBFAN/Southeast Asia- Philippines; Elisabeth Sterken, INFACT/Canada-Canada

This session will look at the building of a solidarity network including international and local organizations that utilized creative people’s participation and action for Code advocacy; combined with support from professionals (lawyers and others) and multisectoral leaders and the convening of a Save the Babies Coalition composed of over 100 non-governmental organizations.

Boulevard B

Cynthia Howard - Introducer

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