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The 2007 LLLI Virtual Conference



The 2007 Conference featured our fifth Technology Room, where online projects sponsored by LLLI were highlighted.

The Virtual Conference pages are for those people who were unable to attend the 2007 LLLI Conference and those who did attend and want more!

There are interesting Virtual Conference activities you can check out now:

  • The Tech Room Blog. The Tech Room Team used this blog to introduce you to the tech room team and the activities in the room.

  • The Conference Blogs, where bloggers shared their experiences as they prepared, traveled to, and enjoyed the LLLI Conference, as well as sharing their post-conference reflections.

  • We had online chats with many of our featured conference speakers!  You can view the schedule of speakers who participated in the chats on our chat page.

LLLI Leaders can also join the International Conference Discussion on the LLL Community Network. Learn more about the CN.

Conference Sessions

To enhance your Conference experience, the Physicians’ Seminar and Conference Sessions are available on CD-ROM! With live digital audio and available PowerPoint presentations, these CD-ROMs will provide a review for the sessions you attended, allow you to hear speakers that you missed, and prove to be a permanent handy resource.  Click here for more information


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