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La Leche League's Center for Breastfeeding Information

Services of the Center for Breastfeeding Information (CBI)

Who We Help

The CBI is available to help LLL Professional Liaison Leaders, LLL Professional Advisory Board Members, Professional Breastfeeding Resource Center (BRC) Members, Medical Associates, and Health Professionals with questions about how to use the CBI for breastfeeding research. The CBI also assists the LLLI Public Relations Department with questions from the media.

Professional Breastfeeding Resource Center Memberships

Professional Breastfeeding Resource Center (BRC) Memberships were designed for the professional who is working with breastfeeding mothers and is looking for a streamlined way to stay current with all the latest publications and information from LLLI. Update packets are sent several times a year to BRC Members by the CBI Staff. To find out more about BRC Memberships, visit this link.


Assistance in Research

Our favorite journal articles are highlighted in our Abstracts of the Month section. Other interesting information is available on the Additional Resources page.

Do you want to do research on breastfeeding information? Use PubMed. Simply type your search pararmeters in the search bar, e.g., "breastfeeding AND jaundice." To further define your search add a year.

Differences in Outcomes Between Breastfeeding and Formula-Feeding

This report is a comprehensive summary of of research findings on the relationship of breastfeeding vs. formula-feeding and many health conditions. The paper is thoroughly referenced. The most recently updated edition of this report was written by Ginna Wall, RN, MN, IBCLC of Seattle, Washington, USA. Ginna Wall founded the lactation program at the University of Washington Medical Center in 1986. She has published several breastfeeding articles and served on the exam committee for the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners in 1997.

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