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Journal Abstract of the Month for January 2005

"Do Tongue Ties Affect Breastfeeding?"

Author: D. Mervyn Griffiths, MCh, FRCS
J Hum Lact 2004 Nov;20(4):409-14.

Many babies have significant problems with breastfeeding, despite professional support, due to tongue ties. This study assessed indications for, and safety and outcome of, simple division of tongue tie (ankyloglossia) without an anesthetic. The tight frenulum causing the tongue tie may create breastfeeding problems such as supply issues and sore nipples because the tongue is not able to work properly. The tongue may have a "heart shaped" look to it before a division is done. In this study there were 215 infants younger than 3 months (mean 0-19 days) who had major breastfeeding problems despite professional support. Prior to division 88% had difficulty latching and 77% of mothers experienced nipple trauma. After the division there were no significant complications. Within 24 hours 80% were feeding better. Initial assessment, diagnosis, and help followed by division and subsequent support by a qualified lactation consultant, might ensure that more mothers and babies benefit from and continue breastfeeding.

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The PubMed Abstract of this article is available at this link.

Additional Information:

For more information about the impact of tight frenulums on breastfeeding visit the Web site of dentist Dr. Brian Palmer.

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