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Journal Abstract of the Month for December 2003

"The real breastfeeding issue goes far beyond mere guilt."

Author:Cynthia Good Mojab, MS, IBCLC, RLC.

Colorado Breastfeeding Update: A Newsletter for Health Care Professionals 2003-10/12;11(4):1

Mothers cannot make informed decisions without full information. Still, women can know all the risks of formula-feeding, have the desire to breastfeed, and not breastfeed. When this happens -- and it often happens -- it is very likely because of insufficient information and support.

The issue isn't about guilt. It's about respecting the right of women to make informed decisions about their own and their children's health.

A woman's decision not to breastfeed must be respected. But women are routinely deprived of the chance to decide based on all of the facts. And when they decide that they want to breastfeed, they routinely face social and institutional barriers that undermine breastfeeding and increase the risk of illness, disease, and death for children and women.

This article is being categorized with the following keywords: Psychology/Women, Professional Attitudes, Barriers, Formula Concerns, Breast Cancer.

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