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The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #15, November 2003

The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #15, November 2003


The OnLLLine Chronicle is a free monthly e-newsletter from La Leche League International, an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. We will share updates on LLLI's activities, new products, and other breastfeeding-related news. Thank you for subscribing, and hope you enjoy our news and information!

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Sue Ann Kendall - Editor and LLLI Online Communications Manager


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1. New on the LLLI Web Site
2. LLLI Annual Appeal Underway
3. LLLI Web Site News
4. Look What You Can Do at the 2005 LLLI Conference!
5. New Edition of the WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING Coming Soon
6. Work in Progress
7. Recent LLLI Outreach Activities
8 . Help LLL



*We have also linked to a new frequently asked questions document on breastfeeding and contaminants that LLLI contributed to, which is distributed by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, on both our advocacy pages and the Center for Breastfeeding Information Additional Resources page.

*The 2002-3002 LLLI Annual Report is now available in PDF format. Learn about our programs and services, and more:

*Five of our Frequently Asked Questions files were updated this month:

My New Baby Was Born with a Disability. Can I Still Breastfeed?

My Baby Has Reflux. Can I Continue to Breastfeed Him?

My Baby Is Having Surgery under General Anesthesia. How Long before the Surgery Can I Breastfeed Him?

I may have hypothyroidism; can I still breastfeed my baby?

Contaminants in Human Milk

Visit our FAQ pages at: or for more information.

*Our fact page on statistics about La Leche League International has been updated for 2003. You can see it here:

*If you are looking for an LLL Group to attend, don't forget to visit our index of local LLL Group Web pages. Nine new Groups have been listed in the past month -- maybe one is near you!


2. LLLI Annual Appeal Underway

This is the time of year when LLLI reaches out to its friends and asks for help in keeping our organization vital and healthy. Annual appeal letters went out to many of our supporters in the past week or two. We know we cannot reach everyone, so we have included a copy of our appeal letter on the LLLI Web site --

Also new in our donor pages is information on how you can donate your old used vehicle (car, truck, etc.) to LLLI and receive tax benefits in the US! Give us your clunker today!

Our Funding Development department has also added information to its collection of web pages to help you see how your contributions can help us, and to let you know who is working with LLLI now in that area:

Meet the Funding Development Team:
How your gift can help:
Your donor Bill of Rights:

Your contributions are truly appreciated by all of us at LLLI who work hard to help breastfeeding mothers and babies around the world.



We thought our readers might be interested in some statistics about our Web site at

*Over 274,000 different visitors checked out the LLLI Web site in October, 2003, the most ever. Our home page was clicked on 3,819,403 times in October.

*Our most popular page is our listing of breastfeeding articles from our publication, NEW BEGINNINGS, followed closely by our Frequently Asked Questions listing.

*The listings of LLL Groups and the online catalogue are also among our top five pages.

*Over 12,000 people visited our collection of Spanish Web pages in October. We are hoping to add much more Spanish information in the months to come.

* The most popular FAQ topics in October were:
+How to increase your milk supply
+What foods to avoid when breastfeeding
+Can you have alcoholic beverages while lactating?
+How long should you breastfeed?
+When will my baby sleep through the night?
For answers, visit our index of frequently asked questions at

*Over 4,000 people visited our Help Form page, where mothers can ask a breastfeeding question and get a response via email. We receive nearly a thousand Help Forms each month, each answered by volunteer La Leche League Leader.



The LLLI Conference team has sent a postcard, just for you! To view your personalized postcard, click on the link below...

For more information about what to see when you are in Washington, D.C. visit the Washington D.C. Convention and Tourism site at



Available soon from LLLI Publications:

No. 1438-12, softcover, 480 pages, $16.95

A beloved classic ready for a new generation, the 2004 edition includes current research while maintaining its trademark style of mother-to-mother sharing. The language reflects a gentle shift toward breastfeeding as the norm. New photos, new stories, lists of helpful organizations and Web sites for parents, and updated information on:

*increasing milk supply using herbs and medications
*how the breast makes milk
*tandem nursing
*breastfeeding after breast reduction

Order now to take advantage of advance prices available only through January 15, 2004.

Advance Discount Price: $12.50
Leader Price: $11.00
10 or more copies: $9.50

Copies shipped in early December. Prices do not include shipping and handling.



The Center for Breastfeeding Information reports that work on the 2004 "Facts about Breastfeeding" document has begun! They also contributed a document providing a summary of some very useful breastfeeding facts from the "Facts about Breastfeeding" series:

Did you know that every month, the CBI highlights new breastfeeding research that will be included in our breastfeeding research database? Visit this page every month to see what's new:

You can also read abstracts of past Journal Articles of the Month here:

There is also a handy collection of annotated bibliographies on common breastfeeding research topics (regularly updated) available here:



On November 10, 2003 Maria delMar Mazza, LLLI Liaison/Global Hispanic Community, recorded a 15 minute interview for the Spanish program "Nuevos Horizontes", produced by the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, USA. The questions to which Maria responded were on breastfeeding and accessing La Leche League International for breastfeeding help and information. The program, targeted to the Hispanic community in the USA, will be aired in January, 2004. The Nuevos Horizontes programs, distributed bi-weekly, are available on radio stations in the US states of Illinois, Iowa Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Virginia.

Rebecca Magalhaes, director, External Relations & Advocacy and Coordinator, WABA Mother Support Task Force (MS TF), finalized with the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) the establishment of a MS TF quarterly e-newsletter, to be available in English, Spanish and French. The editor of the newsletter will be La Leche League of Paraguay and the inaugural issue, to be distributed on November 24th, will feature instructions on a contest to name the newsletter. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter (or have an idea for a name), please email Pushpa Panadam Nair Carrasco, CEPREN, Peru, and Prashant Gangal, Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India, Co-coordinators of the MS TF, will provide ongoing assistance, input and support to the production of the newsletter.



If you find that this newsletter is helpful to you, or if you would just like to help with the important work LLLI does in helping mothers around the world breastfeed, you can make a contribution, quickly and easily, via our Web site at: Another option is to become a member of La Leche League -- to learn how, go here:

We appreciate your support, whether as a friend, a member, or a volunteer. You can make a difference for mothers and babies everywhere!



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Contributors: Nancy Jo Bykowski, Carol Huotari, Mary Hurt, Sue Ann Kendall, Rebecca Magalhaes, Stephanie Weishaar

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