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The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #25, September 2004

The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #25, September 2004


The OnLLLine Chronicle is a free monthly e-newsletter from La Leche League International, an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. We will share updates on LLLI's activities, new products, and other breastfeeding-related news. Thank you for subscribing, and we hope you enjoy our news and information!

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Sue Ann Kendall - Editor and LLLI Online Communications Manager


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1. New on the LLLI Web Site
2. LLLI Conference 2005: More Choices, More Continuing Education
3. Scholarship Recipient Announcement
4. LLL Alumnae Conference Activities Reminders
5. New from LLLI Publications
6. LLL Checks and Related Products Now Available
7. Hope to See You at the LLLI Conference
8. Help LLL
9. LLLI Web Site Tip of the Month



*Don't forget, items from our 2004 Mid Year Catalogue are now in our online store. See what carefully selected and interesting new books and products you can buy from LLLI! New items range from the newest books on breastfeeding and parenting to children's books and innovative new breast pumps. The catalogue can also be downloaded in PDF format.

*Our online sale pages contain many new items, some available in very limited quantities, so if you are interested in some great parenting books at great prices, check these items out:

For breast pumps and accessories, you can also visit here:

*Do you enjoy online chats? Would you like to participate in an LLL meeting in cyberspace? You now have an additional opportunity to do so. We have added a new online meeting to our schedule. This one is geared to mothers on the US west coast, and will be 9-10 pm Pacific Time on Thursdays. That's midnight-1 am Eastern Time for you night owls! Join us then or at one of our other chats!

*The Center for Breastfeeding Information's extensive database of over 45,000 references has been updated to include many recent items this month. Visit the CBI pages to learn more:

And don't forget to visit the CBI's breastfeeding paper of the month to learn about a prominent new research finding. This month's feature deals with breastfeeding and jaundice:

*On the 2005 LLLI Conference pages, you will find information on conference costs and new links to the Exhibit Prospectus and contract. If you are an LLL Leader, you will also be interested in the information we have posted about the World Faire for 2005.

*The information on the status of breastfeeding legislation in the US has been updated to include a recently passed law in Illinois. Links to additional jury duty information have also been added to selected pages. Our staff is hard at work on updates to this part of the site!

*For LLL Leaders, actions from the August 2004 LLLI Board meeting are now listed on the Board of Directors page -- near the bottom of the page. There is also a link to explanatory material about some of the results of the meeting.

*Our Frequently Asked Question file on growth spurts in breastfed babies has been updated: Check the FAQ pages for helpful answers to common and not-so-common breastfeeding concerns and issues!

*If you are looking for an LLL Group in your vicinity to attend, don't forget to visit our index of local LLL Group Web pages, or chose a country from our convenient new drop-down menu listing all countries and regions with LLL sites. Eight new US Groups have been listed in the past month, in Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin. In addition, the LLL Serbia page has been extensively revised and expanded. To find all these, look at our collection of local LLL Web pages:



La Leche League's 19th International Breastfeeding Conference, July 2-5, 2005 at the Hilton Washington and Towers, Washington, D.C., will provide a wide variety of topics presented by a distinguished faculty. Evidence-based research and practical strategies are one of the hallmarks of LLLI Conferences. Past Conference attendees have appreciated the knowledge of the instructors, the wealth of information, and the practical suggestions. Conference attendees in 2005 will also be delighted to have even a greater selection of speakers and topics.

Discover Breastfeeding: An Ancient Art -- A Modern Miracle and earn continuing education credits at the same time. 19.8 Continuing Education Recognition Points (CERPS) will be available from the IBCLC and 19.8 Contact Hours for RNs will be available from the Illinois Nurses Association. Application will be made for CDE hours from the American Dietetic Association.

As you network with breastfeeding advocates from around the world at the LLLI Conference, you will also have the opportunity to:

* Explore global environmental issues as they relate to breastfeeding

* Learn about breastfeeding as a health promotion strategy for preventing obesity in "at-risk" families

* Find new approaches to increasing milk supply including the use of herbs

* Understand pressures on HIV-positive mothers and their feeding choices

For additional information on these sessions and for many additional selections, visit LLLI's Web site at For further information contact Carol Kolar at CKolar at



La Leche League International would like to announce the selection of Norma Escobar, LLL Leader, Regional Administrator of Leaders/Latin America, resident in Wilmington North Carolina, USA as the recipient of a WABA/IBFAN Fellowship. As the recipient, Norma will attend the International Code Documentation Center (ICDC) Training Course on the International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes, to take place in Penang Malaysia, 20-28 September 2004. A native Spanish speaker, Norma has local experience in working with Code issues, as well as experience with government programs and activities. For information on this course, go to the Web site

Rebecca Magalhaes, Director, External Relations and Advocacy will attend and represent the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) at the Seminário Sobre Saúde, Cultura e Políticas Públicas em Amamentação (Seminar on Health, Culture and Public Policy for Breastfeeding), to take place in Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil on the 13th of September, 2004. The event is sponsored by Grupo Origem, a Brasilian community-based organization celebrating its 15th Anniversary. Rebecca will make two presentations at the Seminar, at which she will also introduce the Global Initiative for Mother Support (GIMS) for Breastfeeding, an activity of the WABA Mother Support Task Force. In addition, Rebecca will travel to Maceió, Alagoas to work with La Leche League of Maceió.

Hedy Nuriel, Executive Director and Maria del Mar Mazza, Liaison/Global Hispanic Community will attend the LLL Latin America VI Regional Workshop, from September 17-19 in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico. Maria will be accompanied by her one year old breastfeeding daughter, Lourdes.



We Remember

The LLLI alumnae Association continues a tradition as we commemorate LLL Leaders who have died. A tribute will be presented at the end of the Afternoon Tea. By May 31, 2005, please send names, city and state, or city and country where the Leader served LLL, and year of death to: Nancy Franklin, 4203 Gardendale, #221C, San Antonio, TX, USA 78229 or fax: 210-593-4100 or email:

Outstanding Active or Retired Leader Awards for 2005

The LLLI Alumnae Association is seeking nominations for its award to be presented at the LLLI Conference in Washington DC in July, 2005. The award is given to past or present LLL Leaders who have gone on to demonstrate excellence in their professional, personal, or volunteer accomplishments, and who are recognized as leaders in their field. These accomplishments may be in any area, such as business, government, the arts, media, education, social services, sciences, health care, literary or humanitarian endeavors, etc.

Past award recipients include the LLLI Founders (1999), Peggy O'Mara of Mothering Magazine (2001), Barbara Nicholson and Lyssa Parker of Attachment Parenting International (2003).

Nominees must be submitted by another person, with the following criteria included:

Contact information (mailing address, email, and phone number) for nominee (if available) and nominator
A description of the nominee's professional, personal, or volunteer accomplishments
An explanation of why this person is a recognized leader in her field or endeavor
Information on when and where the nominee was (or currently is) an LLL Leader

The nomination is due on or before March 15, 2005.

Choose one of the following options to submit a nomination:

Mail your nomination (responding to the questions listed above) to Janet Jendron, LLL Alumnae Award Committee Chair 112 Park Springs Road Columbia SC 29223-5520 USA

Email your nomination (responding to the questions listed above) to
Submit the online nomination at
If you have questions you may contact Pam Oselka, Coordinator of the Alumnae Association at 269-469-2706 or POselka at All nominations must follow the guidelines and meet the deadline.



The 2003 edition of THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK is currently going into its third printing. Copes will be available after September 28. Several small corrections are being made in this printing. Information about the changes will be printed in an upcoming issue of LEAVEN. Owners of the CD-ROM version will be able to access pdf versions of the revised pages via the password-protected link to online resources. The new pages will be listed in the section that includes pdf versions of pages available to print.

Coming soon: revisions of two classic pamphlets.

Nipple Confusion
Nursing a Baby with a Cleft Lip or Palate

Revised LLLI Catalogue now available, featuring new books, new tear-off sheets, revised pamphlets, and more. Receive up to 100 copies free to use for new mother packets, Area Conferences, and other outreach opportunities. No 401-20. For orders of 101 or more, shipping and handling is $5.00 per 100.

Revised Global Publications Directory provides contact information for obtaining LLL materials in all available languages in different parts of the world. No. 404-20, free.

2005 Pocket Planner: Ideal for keeping track of all important meetings and dates! Makes a great end-of-the-year thank-you gift for Group workers and co-Leaders. No. 1563-16, $1.95.

Check the LLLI Web site catalogue page for availability of new items or to order other products today.

Order by:
Fax: 847-519-0035
Surface mail: LLLI, 1400 N. Meacham Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60173-480


6. LLLI Checks and Related Products Now Available!

La Leche League International Checks, Address Labels, and Checkbook Cover from Message!Products help support LLLI in our mission to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. With every purchase of LLLI checks, address labels, and checkbook cover, 10% goes directly to LLLI.

Custom-designed checks and address labels feature a beautiful photo of a nursing couple and cost less than most bank checks. Checks are guaranteed to work at all U.S. financial institutions. Since each check is viewed by about 10 individuals as it moves through the financial system, they really promote breastfeeding!

LLLI products are now available for purchase online or by phone. Visit or call toll free 1-800-243-2565 to order. You can see the design here:



Come to the LLLI Conference, Hear the Stellar Speakers, Stay for the Sights

If you haven't been to Washington, D.C., lately, be sure to spend some time before or after the LLLI Conference to be delightfully surprised by new tourist attractions.

After you have visited Washington's beautiful monuments, sensational mall, and public buildings, be sure to see the Smithsonian's most recent addition -- the National Museum of the American Indian, due to open September 21, 2004. Enter the building past plants that grew before European settlers came to the continent and take notice of the crops known as the "three sisters" -- corn, beans, and squash. Like all of the Smithsonian's fascinating museums, the National Museum of the American Indian is FREE. However, since it is anticipated that there will be a large number of visitors, visit its web site at to get timed passes even before your trip begins.

The exhibits at the new (2003) City Museum of Washington, D.C., are a project of the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. to demonstrate the lives of the families who live in this area and includes those persons who are not politicians or famous in some other way. Here you can hear history in sound bites from pre-Civil War to post World War II. Be sure to visit the unique multimedia show, "Washington Stories," where a tour guide gets interrupted from her slide show by a succession of important visitors both from former and contemporary times.

Play "I Spy" at the new International Spy Museum (not recommended for those under 12). Here you will find the world's largest collection of international espionage artifacts and interactive exhibits about disguise and surveillance. The museum staff encourages visitors to buy tickets ahead of time to insure admittance to the facility. Visit their Web site at

Washington, D.C., is a capital place for a Conference. See you July 2-5, 2005, at the Hilton Washington and Towers.



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We appreciate your support, whether as a friend, a member, or a volunteer. You can make a difference for mothers and babies everywhere!



Did you know...that you can read articles from back issues of LLLI publications on our Web site? There is a wealth of breastfeeding support, research information, and help for LLL members and Leaders in our NEW BEGINNINGS and LEAVEN article collections. You are welcome to share these articles with friends and family.


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Contributors: Nancy Jo Bykowski, Mary Hurt, Janet Jendron, Sue Ann Kendall, and Rebecca Magalhães

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