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The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #26, October 2004

The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #26, October 2004


The OnLLLine Chronicle is a free monthly e-newsletter from La Leche League International, an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. We will share updates on LLLI's activities, new products, and other breastfeeding-related news. Thank you for subscribing, and we hope you enjoy our news and information!


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1. New on the LLLI Web Site
2. LLLI Representatives Attend Events around the World
3. LLL of Kansas Sponsors Drawing for Car
4. LLL New Zealand Conference Report
5. New from LLLI Publications
6. Help LLL
7. LLLI Web Site Tip of the Month



*The Center for Breastfeeding Information's breastfeeding paper of the month this month is about the importance of promoting breastfeeding, for all its immunological and other health properties.

*On the 2005 LLLI Conference pages, you can now go straight to the hotel Web site and register for your accommodations. We have also added information on more of the speakers and session topics -- they really look like they will be both fun and educational! Look for registration materials around the first of the year!

*We have added new Frequently Asked Question files how human milk can vary in color, how food can affect skin color, and on getting a new born who has been reluctant to latch on back to the breast. Here are the new and revised FAQ links for this month:

My Newborn Has Never Really Gotten the Hang of Nursing. How Can I Get Him Back to the Breast?
My Baby Is Suddenly Refusing to Breastfeed. Does That Mean It's Time to Wean?
What's Making My Milk That Strange Color?
My Breastfed Toddler's Skin Has Turned Orangey-Yellow. Is It My Milk?

Check the FAQ pages for helpful answers to common and not-so-common breastfeeding concerns and issues!

*Articles from the July-August and September-October 2004 issues of NEW BEGINNINGS, LLLI's member publication are now available! Highlights include an article on correcting a weak suck, Vitamin D and breastfeeding, and breastfeeding twins.

*On our World Walk pages, you will find links to the activities for World Breastfeeding celebrations in the US and Canada. Learn about all the activies LLL in North America has engaged in over the past couple of months!

*Are you interested in leaving a legacy to La Leche League International? We have linked to our Planned Giving brochure, which has all the information you will need to make a decision about the best way to honor La Leche League in this way.

*Information on breastfeeding legislation in Nebraska has been added to our collection of documents on breastfeeding and the law:

*Dates and locations for 2005 LLLI Peer Counselor trainings and administrator trainings have been announced. Visit our Peer Counselor pages to learn more!

*For LLL Leaders, a link to information on a new non-geographical, non-traditional LLL Area has been added to the Board of Directors pages.

*If you are looking for an LLL Group in your vicinity to attend, don't forget to visit our index of local LLL Group Web pages, or chose a country from our convenient new drop-down menu listing all countries and regions with LLL sites. Ten new US Groups have been listed in the past month, in California, Illinois, Michigan, South Carolina, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. To find all these, look at our collection of local LLL Web pages:



As Coordinator of the WABA Mother Support Task Force (MS TF) and with WABA funding, Rebecca Magalhães, Director, External Relations and Advocacy, represented the WABA MS TF and the Global Initiative for Mother Support (GIMS for Breastfeeding) at the Seminário sobre Saúde, Cultura e Políticas Públicas em Amamentação (Seminar on Health, Culture and Public Policy in Breastfeeding), Recife, Pernambuco Brasil. The Seminar, sponsored and organized by Grupo Origem, a community-based organization celebrating its 15th Anniversary, took place on Sept. 13th. Rebecca officially launched World Breastfeeding Week at the opening ceremony, gave two presentations, one on WABA and GIMS and the other on Breastfeeding in the Context of HIV and AIDS and passed out 2005 Conference materials.

To receive a copy of the power point presentations (in Portuguese), please email Rebecca at RMagalhaes at

Hedy Nuriel, LLLI Executive Director and Maria del Mar Mazza, Liaison/Global Hispanic Community attended the VI Latin American Workshop in Mexico, from Sept. 17-19.



La Leche League of Kansas' campaign, "Breastfed Babies: Cruising to a Healthy Life", drew to a close on September 28th. Nearly 3,000 tickets were collected for an opportunity to win a 2004 electric blue PT Cruiser. The winning ticket was that of the Golden Belt Community Foundation in Great Bend, Kansas. The ticket had been purchased by an anonymous donor.

Established in 1996, the Golden Belt Community Foundation exists to provide non-profit organizations in central Kansas with a permanent source of support and to serve as a "vehicle" for charitable giving to donors. Two years ago this foundation had given a grant to La Leche League of Great Bend to provide outreach to the Hispanic mothers in their community.

Kansas Groups worked from May through September to promote this campaign in each of their communities. Many Leaders had booths at public events where we typically don't have a presence. We were able to take LLL and breastfeeding out into the general public through this campaign. Kansas LLL had 100% of all Groups in the Area participating. Kansas LLL has 16 Groups and a little over 50 Leaders. Proceeds raised from this campaign were amazing as over $32,000 was collected that will used to promote the LLLI mission.



Rosemary Gordon reports: After about 18 months of planning, including fairly frantic last-minute preparations, the LLL New Zealand 40th anniversary conference is now over and we are all trying to relax a little! We all had a wonderful time and are hopeful that everyone who attended felt the same way. We had 210 registrations (of which 90 were Leaders), plus around 125 children and 24 partners. We even had fine weather! From the opening addresses by James Akré on "Who Teaches What to Whom About Breastfeeding?" and Yvonne Foreman, our ‘founding' Leader, on "Making a Difference: Celebrating 40 Years of LLL in New Zealand", through 46 concurrent session choices, to the closing address again by James on ‘The Problem with Breastfeeding", we enjoyed a veritable feast of presentations.

The LLLNZ Peer Counsellor Programme was also officially launched at the conference, complete with a new logo for the programme. This is the culmination of much hard work put into the development of the programme by Anne Heritage and Anne Devereux to make it ‘fit' into the New Zealand culture.



If you find that this newsletter is helpful to you, or if you would just like to help with the important work LLLI does in helping mothers around the world breastfeed, you can make a contribution, quickly and easily, via our Web site at:

Another option is to become a member of La Leche League -- to learn how, go here:

We appreciate your support, whether as a friend, a member, or a volunteer. You can make a difference for mothers and babies everywhere!



The LLLI Web site can help mothers with breastfeeding in a variety of ways! In addition to the articles from our publications that we mentioned last month (, mothers can learn about a wide variety of common and not-so-common breastfeeding issues on our FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages. If you have a question you don't see an answer to, contact us and suggest a new FAQ! (same information organized differently)

If a mother's question remains unanswered after looking through our publications and FAQs, she can choose to attend one of our online LLL meetings, look up information her local LLL Leader to personally ask her the question, or fill out an LLL Help Form to have an accredited LLL Leader respond via email.

All breastfeeding questions are important to us, so be sure to use all the help at your disposal if you need to know something!



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Contributors: Sue Ann Kendall, Rebecca Magalhães and Jane Tuttle. Information from Rosemary Gordon on LLL New Zealand was gleaned from an internal LLLI publication.

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