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The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #27, November 2004

The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #27, November 2004


The OnLLLine Chronicle is a free monthly e-newsletter from La Leche League International, an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. We will share updates on LLLI's activities, new products, and other breastfeeding-related news. Thank you for subscribing, and we hope you enjoy our news and information!

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Sue Ann Kendall - Editor and LLLI Online Communications Director


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1. New on the LLLI Web Site
2. Annual Appeal
3. Call for Volunteers
4. Book about Breastfeeding and Work Stories
5. Outreach at the Chicago American Baby Faire
6 . LLL Group Membership Contest!
7 . Nominations Requested for LLLI Award for Leaders
8 . Help LLL
9. LLLI Web Site Tip of the Month



*The Center for Breastfeeding Information's breastfeeding paper of the month is an editorial from the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, which is the official journal of the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). The editorial gives a brief account of current events in the history of breastfeeding promotion.

*On the 2005 LLLI Conference pages, we have added information on more of the speakers and session topics -- things are coming down to the wire! LLL members and Leaders, look for registration materials around the first of the year! They will also be available on our Web site!

*For LLL Leaders, links to actions from the November 2004 Board of Directors meeting have been linked at Changes to the Policy and Standing Rules Notebook, including the addition of a new Appendix 3, are also incorporated. (Leader password required)

*If you are looking for an LLL Group in your vicinity to attend, don't forget to visit our index of local LLL Group Web pages, or chose a country from our convenient drop-down menu listing all countries and regions with LLL sites. Thirteen new US Groups have been listed in the past month, in California, Idaho, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington. To find all these, look at our collection of local LLL Web pages:



LLLI's Annual Appeal is underway! Please watch your mailbox or visit for LLLI's Annual year-end appeal. We are grateful to our many donors who enable us to support mothers and babies in 64 countries around the world. Please remember La Leche League International in your year-end giving. For answers to your specific questions about making a donation to LLLI, please contact the Funding Development Department at FDAssociate at or 847-519- 7730, x240. Donations are tax-deductible in the United States.



Call for Volunteers! Are you interested in volunteering with LLLI in a new way? There are several new projects that could use your talents and energy. If you are looking for an opportunity related to public relations and marketing, please contact Jenn Hopkin, Marketing Director atjhopkin at If you would like to work on funding development, including proposal writing and soliciting individual donors, please contact Stephanie Weishaar, Director of Funding Development at sweishaar at One specific project is, the new breastfeeding resource marketplace. LatchOn is in the final planning stages before launch and needs a few good volunteers for jobs of different sizes. The purpose of this new marketplace is to fund projects in support of breastfeeding, nutrition, and parenting. Project proposals can come from anyone and funding comes from donors to projects they choose to support. Volunteers are needed to help with many different aspects of this launch, from financial, to technical, to planning, to coordinating volunteers. Help make ideals reality. You can make a difference. Please contact for more information.



In collaboration with WABA, IBFAN and the international community, La Leche League International is putting together a book where women can tell their stories about how they find ways to bring income into the family while breastfeeding (or ways to breastfeed while bringing in an income). We are looking for stories from women in all parts of the globe, doing all kinds of work, and at all income levels.

A list of questions is available to help generate ideas (you can find it here:, but contributors are encouraged to share anything that is important to their experience. Contributors are also asked to include a photograph that shows the mother at work or with her baby or family. The breastfeeding experience should be current or recent, within the last five years.

Please submit your own story or ask mothers to tell their stories, and assist them, if needed, with documentation or with the required photograph. The solicitation information is being translated, and stories can be submitted in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The deadline for submission is January 16, 2005.

Please go to or or the link above in order to read the solicitation guidelines. If you have questions or require further information, please contact Jennifer Hicks (Editor) at or Rebecca Magalhaes at RMagalhaes at

Please share this information with listserves (email lists) and other networks.



LLL Leader Annette Leibovitz reports:

I organized and ran the Chicago American Baby Faire November 6-7. We handed out over 830 catalogues. We also distributed tear-off sheets and gave out lots of great information about the organization. Many pregnant women had no idea what we were about. Many grandmas brought their daughters over to our booth so they could get a Group in their area. We also had many moms come over to thank us for helping them with their breastfeeding dilemmas in the past. A few pediatricians, infant massage therapists, doulas, and midwives took our information.

Now I am in the process of securing our booth for next year in Chicago. The earlier we get our funds in the better chance we have of getting a prime booth location. The formula companies have huge areas. Our only hope to balance this is to have a booth that everyone will see without having to search us out. If anyone wants to donate funds towards our booth it would be well appreciated! I can also take these funds, divide it up and send it around to all the states this event occurs. There are seven states. Each event attracts over 9,000 people! That is a lot of exposure for La Leche League. Contact Annette at to learn more about donating.



LLL friends, members and Leaders -- here's a contest that's easy to enter -- just find new members for your local LLL Group and register them with LLLI!

Who will be able to bring in the most new members between November 1, 2004 and May 1, 2005?
Who will be the most creative at soliciting new members? Is your Group up to the challenge?

This is the Year of the Group. It is a celebration, meant to recognize Groups from around the world who every day are contributing to our mission. (To add your Group to the Year of the Group Web page, fill out this form about your Group's history and activities:

One of the best ways to make sure that the mission continues to reach mothers is through membership. Therefore, La Leche League International is challenging all Groups to increase membership numbers. Prizes will be awarded based on the number of new members who join between November 1, 2004 and May 1, 2005.

The more new members your Group registers, the better the prize for your Group.

Let us know some of the creative ways your Group is increasing memberships and we may feature you on our home page during the contest.

Prizes are as follows:
5 new members . . . . . . . . . $15 LLLI gift certificate (For LLLI books only)
15 new members . . . . . . . . $50 LLLI gift certificate (For LLLI books only)
20 new members . . . . . . . . 1 day LLLI Conference registration ($165 value!)
35 new members . . . . . . . . Full LLLI Conference registration ($485 value!)

So call 847-519-9585 today to order your free membership pamphlets and start planning how your Group is going to increase memberships.

Important Legal small print: Group ID number must be included with membership for Group to receive credit. Contest is open to all Groups who pay $22 of the $36 new membership fee to LLLI. There are no substitutions for prizes. LLLI Conference Registration is for one person only.



The LLLI Board of Directors is seeking nominations for the 2005 LLLI Award for Leaders, to be presented at the 2005 LLLI Conference in Washington, DC. These awards were established to recognize and honor people from around the world who have made significant contributions in the field of breastfeeding.
Do you know Leaders deserving of such recognition? Please let us know about them.

Hurry, nominations close December 1, 2004!

Award for LLL Leaders: For a group of LLL Leaders who have made a significant contribution toward helping mothers breastfeed

Past recipients include: the International Division Publications Department, and the Online Help Form Leaders

Please provide the following information:
Name of Nominees:
Address of Nominees:
Phone, fax and email of Nominees:
Information about the nominees and why you are making this nomination:
Your name, address, phone/fax and email:

Please send recommendations or questions to the LLLI Board of Directors Awards Task Force by email or surface mail to:

2005 LLLI Awards
PO Box 502
Dahlgren VA 22448-0502



If you find that this newsletter is helpful to you, or if you would just like to help with the important work LLLI does in helping mothers around the world breastfeed, you can make a contribution, quickly and easily, via our Web site at:

Another option is to become a member of La Leche League -- to learn how, go here:

We appreciate your support, whether as a friend, a member, or a volunteer. You can make a difference for mothers and babies everywhere!



The LLLI Web site can help mothers with breastfeeding in a variety of ways! If you can't find the answer to your breastfeeding question via our Frequently Asked Questions at our large collection of breastfeeding articles found at and you may choose to contact an LLL Leader via our Help Form program. While there is no substitute for the warmth and sharing found at local La Leche League meetings or for the kind voice of a local Leader on the telephone, a mother who is unable to attend a meeting or contact a Local Leader knows she can find an LLL representative waiting to receive her email questions. LLLI and its Affiliates have a variety of programs for mothers in many places and who speak many languages. You will find links to them here:

We have a large group of dedicated volunteers who answer mothers' questions within a week of receiving them. Here are some tips for making sure YOU get YOUR question answered:

*Remember to provide your email address, and make sure it is the correct address! It is so sad to have a carefully crafted response returned with "user not found" attached to it.

*Make sure to let the Leader reach you -- many of us have such good "spam" and "junk mail" filters that we do not see some emails that ARE for us! (That often happens to this newsletter, as well)

*If you know your email provider is extremely zealous with spam protection, make sure that you fill in your postal address carefully, so the Leader can reply to you in that way if she can't get her email through. As volunteers with growing families, many Leaders cannot afford long-distance calls, but most can send a letter.

*Be sure to consider whether your question is medical or legal and is better answered by a health care or legal professional -- LLL Leaders are not medical doctors nor lawyers, for the most part. Leaders specialize in mother-to-mother support. If your question is extremely time sensitive, it would be better to contact a Local LLL Leader or phone LLLI to find a Leader as near to you as possible, because occasionally there is a backlog of questions or a computer problem that delays responses.

All breastfeeding questions are important to us, so be sure to use all the help at your disposal if you need to know something!



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Contributors: Jenn Hopkin, Sue Ann Kendall, Annette Leibovitz, Rebecca Magalhães, Jean Moneyhon, and Stephanie Weishaar.

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