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The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #35, July 2005

The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #35, July 2005


The OnLLLine Chronicle is a free monthly e-newsletter from La Leche League International, an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. We will share updates on LLLI's activities, new products, and other breastfeeding-related news. Thank you for subscribing, and we hope you enjoy our news and information!


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1. New on the LLLI Web Site
2. Support World Breastfeeding Week in the USA
3. Enjoy Souvenirs of the LLLI Conference from Your Own Home!
4. Professional Connections: New Feature on the LLLI Alumnae Web Page
5. 2005 World Breastfeeding Week Action Folders Still Available
6. Video from Founder's Tea Available
7. WBW Goes Platinum!
8. Breastfeeding Protection Initiative
9 . News from LLLI Publications
10. 2005 LLLI Conference Poster Displays
11. Global Sessions at LLLI Conference Focused on Technology
12. Membership News
13. Help LLL



*While the 2005 LLLI Conference is over, there are still many links to conference activities and events to enjoy on our Web site at -- Please see item #3 below for lots of fascinating details!

*The Center for Breastfeeding Information's breastfeeding paper of the month is "Immunological components of human milk and their effect on immune development in infants". The summary is here:

*Read LLLI's press release on World Breastfeeding Week 2005 here:

*We have added a list of committees to the LLLI Board of Directors pages.

*If you are looking for an LLL Group in your vicinity to attend, don't forget to visit our index of local LLL Group Web pages, or choose a country from our convenient drop-down menu listing all countries and regions with LLL sites. There is now a Web listing for LLL of Andalucia. In addition, nine new US Groups have been listed in the past month, in California, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. To find all these, look at our collection of local LLL Web pages:



Do you support World Breastfeeding Week? Do you have your own Web site?

Now you can combine your two interests in one simple way. Go to and choose one of three banner ads that will brighten your Web site and raise awareness and funds for La Leche League.

If you are not sure how to make the ad work (it is linked to our Home page), simply contact Mairin at

If you put a World Breastfeeding Week banner ad on your Web site, let us know and we'll highlight you and your Web site on a special page that thanks WBW supporters.

Or how about linking with our logo? We're happy to tell you that Taylor Made Me has put a link on its home page. A big "Thank You" to this special friend of World Breastfeeding Week. They can be found at

-- LLL in the USA World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Team



**La Leche League International Conference CD-ROM**

Did you have the opportunity to attend the LLLI Conference?

Are there sessions you attended that you would like to hear again or share with one of your peers?

Maybe you did not have the chance to experience the LLLI Conference this year, but would like to hear some or all of the sessions.

Well now, you can!

Simply click on the link provided at and you will be directed to Digitell Inc., the company who produced the CD's for us. From there you have several options. You can purchase the entire LLLI Conference or Physician Seminar CD-ROM, individual sessions, or a 6 audio CD special (pick any 6 sessions). All sessions were recorded live and include available PowerPoint slides and/or handouts. The CD-ROMs should be available in two weeks.


**Podcasts Available at Your Listening Convenience**

Listen in on one of our new "podcasts," which are interviews you can listen to on your computer or personal listening device (iPod or other MP3 player). We have uploaded over 30 interviews with speakers from the conference, long-time Leaders, conference participants and more. You can see the entire list and start listening here: We hope to bring you more podcasts over time, and will be keeping these available, as they are fascinating and fairly timeless!


**Relive Memories with the Conference Bloggers**

Our conference bloggers (online journalists) report ed on their experiences before, during and after the conference. Bloggers range from the 9-year-old daughter of an LLL Leader to a long-time Leader and grandmother -- plus we have a new mother, a dad, and even a blog of all the activities in our bustling Technology Room! You can comment and respond to each blogger, as well. See how their experiences differed!


**For More Memories, Enjoy Our Photos**

The LLLI Conference Technology Room had our own special photographer, who visited many parts of the conference to capture candid shots of the goings-on there. See if you recognize a friend, co-Leader or child in these images! Note that we are getting more photos in, and will be adding to the collection in the coming weeks.


** Conference Attendees: Share Your Impressions with Us!**

If you went to the conference but were unable to fill out the evaluation, can't find your copy, or were too blissed out to notice it, it's not too late to make your opinions known. Visit our online Conference Evaluation page and take care of that last little detail! Your comments and suggestions help LLLI bring your better and better conferences.

Speaking of which, our next LLLI Conference will be our 50th Anniversary Extravaganza! Make plans to come to Chicago, Illinois on July 20-23, 2007!



One benefit of being an Alumnae Association Member is that you can list your professional connections or business on the Alum Web Page. We're just starting this feature and hope it will grow quickly. If you think others would be interested in your business, your professional experience, or any other resources you have, please take a minute to post it on our web site by going to

You can submit your information there. If you're not an Alum member and want to join, you can go to:

Keep your eyes on the Alum Web Site! We have plans to add lots of Conference pictures.



The 2005 WBW Action Folder "Breastfeeding and Family Foods: Loving & Healthy" is now available for purchase from LLLI. To order, email OrderDepartment at; call 800-LALECHE; or fax 847-519-0035 (it is not in the online LLL catalogue yet). This full-color, six-page Action Folder is published by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) and emphasizes the importance of continuing the breastfeeding relationship while feeding complementary foods. It provides valuable information for spreading this important message. Ask for #1721-17. The cost is $1.50 each; 10/11.00; 100 or more .90 each.



Many of you who attended the Founders' Tea at the LLLI Conference have asked about the Billy Dean "Let Them Be Little" video that was shown. It can be found online at this address:

For those who expressed an interest in ordering a CD, here's the site for that:

There's a place you can click to order the CD from them. If you do order a CD, I'd appreciate your emailing me at, so we can "track" the impact of showing the video at the LLLI Conference. We were very lucky to get this DVD and we want to show our appreciation.

Also, there's a space for comments, and this would be a good place to mention that you are ordering the CD because you saw the video shown at the LLLI Conference or that you heard about it through LLLI as a result of its being shown at the conference.



LLL in the USA World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations just got a whole lot more joyous! Hollister - maker of Ameda brand breastfeeding products - has recently become a Platinum Sponsor ($3,000+). Hollister relies on the input of nursing and lactation professionals to continue their focus on innovation and evidence-based solutions to help mother, baby and caregiver on their precious journey from birth to breast. See Hollister's strong support of World Breastfeeding Week at

Another new major sponsor is Dr. Ray's Products, an Emerald Sponsor.

In case you're wondering why sponsors are so important to WBW Celebrations, they help pay for Group and Individual prizes which will be awarded to those who register at Will you or your Group be one of the winners? Register today at

What are the prizes?

New for 2005 - a prize designated just for Groups or Chapters that collect donations of $750 or more. They will receive a $50 LLLI Gift Certificate. Groups pooling their resources need to register separately, but may fill out the prize form together.

Individuals can also win a range of prizes including $1500 to attend the 50th Anniversary LLLI Conference in Chicago, IL July 2007, $50 and $25 LLLI gift certificates and children's books gift certificates. (See for details.)

While there is about two weeks before World Breastfeeding Week, there is two and a half months left for the 2005 WBW Celebration. Plenty of time to raise awareness and funds for the LLL mission.

Join the fun; support breastfeeding.



Plastic bracelets have become a way of publicizing different causes and opinions in some areas of the world. Many attendees at the LLLI Conference were seen wearing a variety of plastic bracelets with slogans supportive of breastfeeding. One of those bracelets is being sponsored by Lansinoh Laboratories. All proceeds from the purchase of this bracelet will go to La Leche League International.

For more information about this bracelet, go the Lansinoh Web site ( and click on "Breastfeeding Protection Initiative" or call 1-877-735-2974 (US and Canada). (This phone number will direct you to the manufacturers of the bracelets for orders.) Look for more information in LEAVEN and on the LLLI Web site soon.



* New books available now at advance prices.

ADVENTURES IN GENTLE DISCIPLINE, by Hilary Flower, illustrations by Elizabeth Hannon Fuller, Foreword by Katie Allison Granju. Softcover, 384 pages. Hilary Flowers' second book is a parent-to-parent guide on how to have a good relationship with your child, while at the same time instilling compassion, empathy, and respect in them.
No. 1717-12 Retail price $14.95
Advance retail price $12.50
Advance member price $11.25
Advance Leader price $10.50

MY CHILD WON'T EAT!, translation of the original Spanish-language Mi Nino no me Come, by Dr. Carlos Gonzalez. Softcover, 282 pages. Originally written in Spanish by Dr. Carlos Gonzalez, this humorous and informative book is a must have for any parent who has ever asked the question "Why won't my child eat?"
No. 1716-12 Retail price $12.95
Advance retail price $11.00
Advance member price $9.90
Advance Leader price $9.00

POCKET GUIDE TO THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK, by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, RLC. Spiral bound, 258 pages. This book is filled with the same useful information found in the full version of the Breastfeeding Answer Book, but is now available in a convenient "travel-size" pocket guide. This is the perfect gift for anyone who works with breastfeeding mothers. The new size makes it extremely portable so you can carry it with you at all times and the newly designed format makes it easy to find the answers you need.
No. 1722-12 Retail price $37.95
Advance retail price $32.00
Advance member price $29.00
Advance Leader price $27.00

Order NOW! Advance prices expire September 1, 2005.

*Coming soon (advance prices for books to be announced):

MAKING MORE MILK, by Diana West, IBCLC, RLC, and Lisa Marasco, IBCLC, RLC. An excerpt will be featured in the July-August issue of NEW BEGINNINGS. Available mid to late September. Softcover. Retail price $18.95

HIRKANI'S DAUGHTERS: Women who scale modern mountains to combine breastfeeding and working. Available end of August. Edited by Jennifer Hicks. Softcover. Retail price $14.95

MOTHER'S MILK, a video created by Gina Weissman and distributed in English by LLLI. This excellent 30-minute video features clear, up-to-date images and descriptions of effective latch-on. Available in both DVD and VHS versions in mid-August. Retail price DVD $45.00, VHS, $40.00

MOTHERING MULTIPLES, second revised edition. By Karen Kerhkhoff Gromada, MSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC. Available mid to late September. Softcover. Retail price $16.95

Check Web catalog for availability of new items, or call for more information.

Order by:
Fax: 847-519-0035
Phone: 800-LALECHE
TTY (for hearing impaired): 847-592-7570
Surface mail: LLLI, 957 N. Plum Grove Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173-5194



This was the 4th LLLI Conference that offered the opportunity of poster presentations. Twenty-two posters from different countries were displayed, and the poster presentation authors were available to answer questions and provide information. The countries that participated were USA, Sweden, Argentina, Peru, India, New Zealand and Poland. Poster presentation topics ranged from "Breastfeeding in the Playroom: a project to bring breastfeeding awareness to daycare centers and kindergarten" to "Using fluorescence in situ hybridization (fish) to detect infant cell transfer into the breast during breastfeeding".

It was a great opportunity to learn about many exciting breastfeeding projects, programs and studies happening around the world!



The 2005 LLLI Conference featured a number of special sessions called "Global Sessions." Each focused on a particular international issue as well as a particular technological solution that might be applied to the issue. Participants worked on multidisciplinary ideas for using technology worldwide for each issue, involving music, art, writing, acting, and other modalities. Participants learned about fascinating and innovative ways to reach audiences of all kinds using the technological tools, and wrote up reports, which will be available soon on the advocacy pages of the LLLI Web site. You will be fascinated by the possibilities!



Have you been wondering how you can give back to LLL? A goal of 2300 NEW LLL members has been set for August 1st 2005. WE ONLY HAVE TWO WEEKS LEFT AND ARE CLOSE TO REACHING THE GOAL! Consider giving a gift of LLL membership to a pregnant or nursing mother you may know.



If you find that this newsletter is helpful to you, or if you would just like to help with the important work LLLI does in helping mothers around the world breastfeed, you can make a contribution, quickly and easily, via our Web site at:

Another option is to become a member of La Leche League -- to learn how, go here:

We appreciate your support, whether as a friend, a member, or a volunteer. You can make a difference for mothers and babies everywhere!



If you like keeping up with LLL and want your friends to also keep up to date, please forward this message to others so they can also subscribe FREE. Or send them this link:

Contributors: Alice Barbiere, Nancy Jo Bykowski, Janet Jendron, Sue Ann Kendall, Rebecca Magalhaes, Maria del Mar Mazza

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