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The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #45, May 2006

The OnLLLine Chronicle: News from La Leche League International
Issue #45, May 2006


The OnLLLine Chronicle is a free monthly e-newsletter from La Leche League International, an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. We will share updates on LLLI's activities, new products, and other breastfeeding-related news. Thank you for subscribing, and we hope you enjoy our news and information!

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Sue Ann Kendall - Editor


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1. New on the LLLI Web Site
2. Online LLLI Store Launch
3. New Look for Spanish LLL Web Pages
4. New Growth Charts Lauded
5. Noted Speakers to Highlight La Leche League International Conference
6. In the News: US Air Force Breastfeeding Policy
7. LLLI Presents at Conference in Toronto
8. LLL at Annual CORE Spring Membership Meeting
9. LLLI receives WABA Seed Grant Funding
10. What's New and Upcoming in LLLI Publications
11. Please Help LLL



*We have continued to improve our "one-stop breastfeeding information" page of breastfeeding resources, by reorganizing the information on sub-pages so it is easier to see on your computer screen, and by adding links to Web pages about books published by LLLI. Bookmark for your easy resource for breastfeeding help. We also now have a similar page in Spanish:

*We are happy to announce that we have begun implementing our new online ordering system, an announcement we have looked forward to for years. Read more about it in item #2 below!

*The Center for Breastfeeding Information's breastfeeding review of the month is "The Ethics of Donor Human Milk Banking." The review is here:

*Our collection of information in Chinese now features articles in both modern and traditional Chinese characters. We hope this makes the information enjoyable by more readers.

*We are in the process of substantially revising many of our Frequently Asked Question files. We are very grateful to our team of volunteers for the hours of work they have extended in improving and expanding these very helpful files, especially Diana West, BA, IBCLC, and Lisa Marasco, MA, IBCLC, authors of the forthcoming LLLI book MAKING MORE MILK: A NURSING MOTHER'S GUIDE TO MILK SUPPLY. Extensive new content is available in the following new or revised files:

**What is the Difference Between Foremilk and Hindmilk? Is My Baby's Fussiness Caused by the Lactose in my Milk?
**What about Drinking Alcohol and Breastfeeding?
**What is Colostrum? How Does it Benefit My Baby?
**Can Human Milk Be Heated in the Microwave?
**Intimacy and Breastfeeding: Is There Sex after Babies?
**Would Weaning Make My Life Easier?
**Are There Growth Charts Available That Reflect Typical Growth Patterns of Breastfed Infants?
**Am I Making Too Much Milk?

*Articles from the January-February 2006 and March-April 2006 editions of NEW BEGINNINGS are now available for your reading pleasure. Topics range from potty training to working and breastfeeding to tandem nursing.


*The LLLI Mother-to-Mother Support Forums, a bulletin board where mothers share breastfeeding and parenting experiences, has over 2,500 members now. Check it out to learn about mothers' concerns or to ask a question of your own.

*If you are looking for an LLL Group in your vicinity to attend, don't forget to visit our index of local LLL Group Web pages, or choose a country from our convenient drop-down menu listing all countries and regions with LLL sites. Six new US Groups have been listed in the past month, in California Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, South Carolina, and Washington, plus there is a new site for LLL of Bolivia. Look for a new design on US Group Web pages in the coming weeks (see article #3 for a preview of the style)! To find all our Groups with Web pages, look at our collection:



The first phase of our new system for purchasing products from the LLLI Catalogue has been implemented. You can now order many products from the current catalogue from our new store at -- and you will find the order process to be a breeze, and the prices the same or lower than you will find them anywhere on the Internet, thanks to a partnership with The current offerings are Phase I of a larger project. Our Online Independent Study Modules, and in the next few weeks you will also be able to order additional items published by LLLI and make bulk orders. Those wishing to make bulk orders now are welcome to phone us at 847-519-9585 and we will be happy to help you by phone.



Our collection of Spanish breastfeeding resources has been reorganized with new headings and easier to find content. It also features a handy new page listing all the breastfeeding resources available in Spanish, by topic:



In our most recent media release, "La Leche League International Commends the World Health Organization on Publication of New Child Growth Standards," we note that "La Leche League International (LLLI) welcomes the establishment of new Child Growth Standards based on the breastfed infant as the normative model of how children should grow and develop. The new World Health Organization (WHO) Child Growth Standards, using a world-wide sample of over 8,000 children, demonstrate that environmental differences, rather than genetics, are the main determinant of disparities in physical growth and development. The new charts will be an invaluable tool for parents and healthcare providers as a way of detecting under-nutrition, overweight and obesity, and other growth and nutrition-related conditions at an early stage in a child's life." For more of our release and for links to information about the charts, visit



The power of breastfeeding is becoming apparent as speakers for the July 20-23 2007 LLLI Conference are confirmed.

Dr. Audrey Naylor will present a session about implementing the WHO Code (International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes). She is CEO of Wellstart International whose goal is to advance the knowledge, skills, and ability of health care providers regarding the promotion, protection, and support of optimal infant and maternal health and nutrition.

Barbara L. Behrmann, Ph.D. and author of The Breastfeeding Café: Mothers Share the Joys, Challenges, and Secrets of Nursing will share her thoughts on breastfeeding from the perspective of women's lives and what it means to nurse in a bottle feeding culture.

Gale Pryor, author of Nursing Mother, Working Mother: The Essential Guide for Breastfeeding and Staying Close to Your Baby After You Return to Work will discuss everything you need to know about breastfeeding and employment outside the home.

As more speakers are confirmed, you will be able to read about them at the LLLI web site and in future OnLLLine Chronicle articles. You will enjoy the evidence-based information, the critique, the humor and the inspiration of the presentations. The Conference will be held at the Hilton Chicago in the beautiful city by the lake. (Chicago, Illinois, USA)



The US Air Force just added a new breastfeeding policy to their publications. Breastfeeding mothers in the Air Force are now authorized to pump their milk for 15-30 minutes every 3-4 hours while they are on duty. Adequate privacy will be given to the mothers while pumping. Air Force mothers may not be deployed if they are breastfeeding babies who do not receive any formula. La Leche League Leader Barbara Cooper was instrumental in getting this wording into the Air Force document., Short Title: 44-102, May 1, 2006, pages 33-4.



LLLI was represented at the recent Conference on Gender, Child Survival and HIV/AIDS: From Evidence to Policy, 7-9 May 2006, York University, Toronto, Canada. Those who represented LLLI and also made presentations were Rebecca Magalhaes, director, External Relations & Advocacy, USA; Yanet Olivares de Saiz, director, International Division, Dominican Republic; Irma de Maza, LLL Leader, Ministry of Health, Guatemala. The Conference brought together 100 people from 14 countries and was organized and sponsored by York University Department of Anthropology and the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA). The conference goals were to create a safe space for discussions and to promote understanding among participants from various interest groups. The conference culminated with a draft Joint Statement on Gender, Breastfeeding and HIV. Collaboration will continue with the finalization and adoption of the Joint Statement towards the upcoming International AIDS Conference and beyond. Proceedings and other outcomes of the Conference will be posted at



As a member of the Child Survival Collaborations and Resources Group (CORE), LLLI was represented by Rebecca Magalhaes, director, LLLI External Relations & Advocacy at the annual CORE Spring Meeting. The meeting focused on "The Faces and Facets of Quality", took place from April 24-28, in Easton Maryland and was attended by 200 representatives from the 44 CORE members, plus representatives of funded projects, government and international agencies. The meeting was productive and beneficial, starting with the keynote workshop that featured Jane Vella, Founder, Global Learning Partners, Inc., and continuing on with the working group planning sessions and the various concurrent sessions that provided up-to-date information on global health.



LLLI received notification of funding from the 2006 WABA Women and Work Seed Grant Programme for a proposal that was submitted in January. The funded project will produce a Spanish version of Hirkani's Daughters, an English-language book recently published by LLLI that features first-person stories of women from different countries who are successfully combining breastfeeding and working. The Spanish version will be available as a free PDF download, approximately 100 pages long. This project has the possibility of reaching thousands of Spanish-speaking women.



Now available:

1. "Teens and Breastfeeding" features updated statistics and expanded information about common concerns of younger breastfeeding mothers. Available as a Study Module (No. 1845-25), which offers continuing education credits, or as an LC Unit (No. 1846-37), which includes just the information.

The "Teens and Breastfeeding" Study Module is also available online. Purchase, register, and take the test all from the privacy of your own home. Read study materials almost immediately and perhaps take the test the same day. View your score immediately so you know whether or not you have qualified for continuing education credits as an IBCLC or health care provider. Available online soon: "Supplements and the Breastfed Infant." Learn more about Online Independent Study Modules.

2. Now available for Pocket PC or Palm devices, THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK: Pocket Guide Edition, powered by Skyscape
By: Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC
Retail Price: $47.95
Access the complete text of the new Pocket Guide via handheld PDA, including appendices.

-->Search for information using index entries or the Table of Contents.
-->Enter and save your own notes about new research or local resources.
-->Cross-index with the PDA version of "Medications and Mother's Milk" (also available from Skyscape).

Read more about it at:
Or purchase and download your copy today at:

3. Coming soon:
*MAKING MORE MILK, by Diana West, IBCLC, and Lisa Marasco, IBCLC. An excerpt was featured in the July-August 2005 issue of NEW BEGINNINGS. Softcover. Retail price $18.95
*MOTHERING MULTIPLES, second revised edition. By Karen Kerhkhoff Gromada, MSN, RN, IBCLC. Softcover. Retail price $16.95
*ADOPTIVE BREASTFEEDING AND RELACTATION, by Elizabeth Hormann, IBCLC, an internationally recognized expert on adoptive breastfeeding. Originally published in German, the book has been translated into English and updated. Softcover. Retail price $10.95



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