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Lucy Shares Project

The goal of is to provide a marketplace environment to support projects that will make LLL philosophy real in the world. In this marketplace, people with resources to give and people needing these resources for projects can connect with each other. As the resources (money, equipment, expertise, and information) flow, projects to make LLL philosophy a reality will be undertaken. Projects and enterprises currently happening in the LLL community, including some activities currently undertaken and funded through the LLLI office in Schaumburg could apply for funding from This is a new and exciting way of funding projects and activities that encourage sharing LLL philosophy - practical ways in which our philosophy can be broadcasted/circulated.

Project specifics:

The Lucy Shares project made its debut at the July 2003 La Leche League International Conference in San Francisco. Named for the beloved "Lucy" Logo, the shares help those with publications needs connect with others who would like to have a direct hand in providing much needed materials to LLL Leaders. Before and during the conference, there were Lucy Shares Wish Lists available. Leaders with needs for printed materials could submit a wish list, and they were posted near the conference bookstore. Those attending the conference were able to donate as few or as many books as they were able, based on the very real needs of very real Leaders.

These items are still needed, and the project is continuing at future LLLI Conferences as well as online. Donors will be given receipts for the books they donate, to be used for tax purposes. Donations will also be accepted for shipping of books.

Wish Lists can be filled out and returned online using the form linked below, or by filling out and returning the printable version to planners. Contact for mailing information, or if you have additional questions.

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