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LLLI Board of Directors Meeting

March 8-11, 2007
Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Marcia Lutostanski
Secretary, LLLI Board of Directors
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 43 No. 2, April-May-June 2007, pp. 46-47

Abstract: The LLLI Board of Directors met March 8-11, 2007 and took action on the following topics: we elected new Board members and officers, added a policy on milk donations, passed a budget for 2007-08, approved new auditors, accepted a restricted donation for Board education and development, added the Strategic Plan to the Policies and Standing Rules Notebook, and set the dates for future Board meetings.

Nominating Committee

Nominees presented by the Nominating Committee and elected to the LLLI Board of Directors are:
Western United States: Jane Tuttle, Cathy Liles and Cindy Howard
Canada: Shirley Phillips
Europe: Shera Lyn Parpia and Claude Didierjean-Jouveau

We thank the following retired LLLI Board members for their years of service: Donna Cookson Martin, Betty Crase, Rachel O'Leary, Heidi Sloss and Carmen Vandenabeele.

The following slate of officers was presented by the Nominating Committee and elected for the year 2007-2008:
Chairman: Jane Tuttle
First Vice Chairman: Sharon Matuszek
Second Vice Chairman: Rosemary Gordon
Secretary: Marcia Lutostanski
Treasurer: Sharon Vines
Member at Large to the Executive Committee: Ellen Shein

The following members were elected to the LLLI Board of Directors Nominating Committee for the year 2007-2008:
Sharon Vines – Chair
Cindy Howard
Marcia Lutostanski
Sharon Matuszek
Shirley Phillips

The Nominating Committee developed an annual statement of commitment for the LLLI Board.

The Board believes that it is best practice to define our work for the year in terms of an agreement with each other. To this end, we have agreed that each year Board members will sign a statement of commitment to their board work. Our statement of commitment is available in the Board Forum library on the Community Network and we invite other Leaders to refer to it when making their own agreements.

Resource Development Committee

The LLLI Board accepted a restricted donation from Hugh and Susan Switzer for board education and development.

LLLI has always valued ongoing Leader education. This gift provides an opportunity for LLLI Board members to focus on continuing education in support of the work they do for LLLI without using operating funds. Learning about and implementing current best practices for governance of not-for-profit organizations will increase the effectiveness of the LLLI Board and therefore the entire organization. Large donors consider evidence of board effectiveness in making funding decisions. Board development at this time complements the LLLI Strategic Plan and enables us to plan effectively for the future.


The LLLI Board agreed to engage Desmond & Ahern, Ltd. to prepare the audit of La Leche League International finances for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2007.

The Professional Advisory Board

Josh Bernoff was invited to continue to serve as a member of the Professional Advisory Board, Management Advisory Council for a period of five years. John Lutostanski and Cindy Smith have completed their terms and were thanked for their work on this committee. The Board thanked Dr. Leo Buchanan for his many years of service on the Professional Advisory Board, Health Advisory Council.

Strategic Planning

The LLLI Board of Directors approved the LLLI Strategic Plan and added it to the Policies and Standing Rules Notebook as Appendix 25.

Rationale: The LLLI Strategic Plan was part of the Planning Committee Report in October 2006 that was adopted by the LLLI Board at that meeting. To be transparent and provide easy access to the Plan, the LLLI Board added the Strategic Plan to the PSR as Appendix 25. The Plan outlines strategic objectives and has measurable target outcomes. See LLLI Strategic Plan on Community Network at: http://community.llli.org/library.htm?mode=view&did=185866&lid=84203&wf=148759 and on LLLI website at: http://www.lalecheleague.org/leaderpages/strategicplan.html?m=0,3,7

The strategic plan forms the basis for changes in the business operations as we strive to fulfill our mission. More information is forthcoming. With the passage of this motion, it is expected that implementation will proceed as outlined in the Strategic Planning Key Findings and Recommendations October 2006 Report.

Bylaws Committee

1. The following policy was added to LLLI Policies and Standing Rules Notebook.

Milk Donations

La Leche League International fully supports the use of human milk for babies. The first priority of LLLI is to help mothers breastfeed their babies. Babies benefit from human milk donated by other mothers when their own mother's milk is unavailable.

When a mother contacts a Leader seeking donated human milk, the Leader shall respond with information and support. This shall include information about induced lactation and/or relactation. The Leader shall also suggest the mother dialogue with an appropriate, licensed health care provider and contact a licensed human milk bank or other regulated and medically supervised human milk collection center. The Leader shall inform any mother interested in using donated human milk for her baby, whether on an occasional or on a long term basis, of the documented risks and benefits connected with this form of infant feeding.

If a mother is interested in donating her milk, a Leader shall provide contact information for licensed human milk banks or other regulated and medically supervised collection centers. A Leader shall not ever pressure a mother to donate or to continue donating her breastmilk. A Leader shall maintain confidentiality of mothers' information entrusted to her (relating to any potential donor or potential recipient). A Leader shall remind a potential donor mother that her own baby has a natural priority to her milk. A Leader shall inform a potential donor that: 1)the donor may request complete information from the milk bank or collection center about how her milk will be used; 2) the donor may inquire if she may restrict how her milk will be used; 3) she may make her decision about donation in the light of the information she receives from the milk bank or collection center.

A Leader shall not ever suggest an informal milk-donation arrangement, including wet-nursing or cross-nursing. If a mother wishes to discuss these options, the Leader's role is to provide information about the risks and benefits.

2. Appendix 27, Guidelines for Milk Donations and the reference to it under "Milk Donations" was deleted from the LLLI Policies and Standing Rules.

Rationale: Appendix 27, Guidelines for Milk Donations, dates from 1992. Based on the recommendation of the Appendix 27 Workgroup the LLLI Board removed the Guidelines and adopted a policy about milk donations. This policy addresses new situations such as informal milk sharing, disasters or emergencies, and the emergence of for-profit milk banking. It provides principles for action rather than guidelines and is more global. The policy clarifies a Leader's role in milk donation situations—the sharing of information and the provision of mother-to-mother support. Only the mother can decide upon her course of action. The policy will be complemented by a fact sheet that includes the risks and benefits of milk sharing. A LEAVEN article is forthcoming.

3. Section 1.0, Variety of Funding Sources, of the Code of Ethics: Funding policy was amended from
Variety of funding sources
LLLI, LLL entities and LLL representatives may seek a diverse range of funding from

  • memberships,
  • individual donations/contributions,
  • grants from acceptable charitable foundations, governments or public agencies
  • acceptable commercial sources (see below).

Variety of funding sources
LLLI, LLL entities and LLL representatives may seek a diverse range of funding from

  • memberships,
  • individual donations/contributions,
  • grants from appropriate charitable foundations, governments or public agencies
  • appropriate commercial sources (see below).

4. The reference to Appendix 21, "Guidelines for Leader/Lactation Consultants," under "Leader/ Lactation Consultant: Guidelines" was deleted from the Policies and Standing Rules Notebook.

Leader/Lactation Consultant: Guidelines
The Leader who maintains a dual role as a Leader/Lactation Consultant will observe guidelines for Leader/Lactation Consultants.
Appendix 21 – Guidelines for Leader/ Lactation Consultants.
Rationale: Code of Ethics: Leaders with Personal, Professional, or Commercial Interests replaces this policy.

Grievance Commission

The Board approved extending the terms by one year of a number of Grievance Commissioners.

Finance Committee

In accordance with La Leche League International Bank Accounts and Transfer of Fund Policy and with the La Leche League International Investment Policy, the LLLI Board of Directors authorized the Executive Director to open an account in Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund for the deposit of profits from the sale of the property at 1400 N. Meacham Rd., Schaumburg, IL, USA.

Rationale: Financial institutions require a Board Resolution in order to open new accounts. A portion of the profits from the sale of the office building, held as reserves, will be deposited in Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund. This fund meets the LLLI Investment Policy recommendations for safety and return on investment.

The Board authorized tiered membership levels.

Rationale: La Leche League International is establishing membership levels based on research provided by the Membership Workgroup of the Strategic Planning Committee

The Board of Directors of La Leche League International approved the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2007-2008 as submitted by the Executive Director on March 10, 2007.

Action Committee

The Action Committee report contained recommendations for ongoing WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes education for Leaders. A web page will be added to the LLLI web site and information added to the Board Forum library on the Community Network.

The next Board meetings are scheduled for:

July 19, 2007 in Chicago, Illinois, USA

November 1-4, 2007 in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

Annual Meeting: Feb 28 –March 2, 2008 in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the LLLI Board at LLLIBOD at llli.org.

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