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A Simple World Breastfeeding Week Celebration -- All by Yourself!

Alice Barbiere, Westfield, New Jersey, USA
Member, LLL in the USA World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Team
From: LEAVEN, Vol. 45 No. 2-3, 2009, pp. 56-57

I am not active with a Group. So when I want to do something for World Breastfeeding Week, I write letters to my family and friends as a simple yet easy way to raise funds and breastfeeding awareness at the same time. Because for several years now I have written to my family and friends each summer, they now come to expect a letter from me. And each year I am continually surprised by their increasing generosity or by the donation from someone who never gave before. While World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations (WBWC) are great public relations opportunities, sometimes a simple contact from friend to friend, or daughter to mother, or sister to sister will go a long way to help support La Leche League at all levels.

Let me share some of the things that have helped me keep this individual effort manageable.

Set a goal.

Your goal might be to send out 25 letters during the first week of August -- the traditional week observed for international WBWC. Setting a goal helps provide motivation.

Don't let the idea of asking for money make you uncomfortable.

My approach is to list several of the wonderful activities that the recipients of the WBWC Grants implemented. These activities are a direct result of money raised and are a powerful tool to illustrate how far each donation can go. The list of grant-recipient project can be found on the WBWC website found here:

Make a list of prospective donors.

Get out your holiday card list and the guest list from your last big party. Think about all your neighbors up and down your street as well as the parents of your children's friends.

Consider including a donor brochure.

Elite sponsor brochures are available at: This colorful brochure highlights this year's theme -- Breastfeeding: Prepared for Life—as well as the important role we each play in the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding. Be sure to thank each and every person who sponsored a participant. Thank-you notes can be downloaded from the WBWC Kit on the Web site or ordered from an Area selling them. You will need to include the exact amount donated for tax purposes and may want to include details of how much you raised and what your Group or Area will do with the money.

If this sounds easy but you would rather adapt a letter or email already written, there is a large selection on the World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations Web site. Just click on Fundraising Ideas at:

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