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A Mother's Job

Stephanie Cribbs
Indiana PA USA
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 25, No. 1, January-February 2008, pp. 17-18

Someday soon -- which may feel like forever now, but in hindsight will be a flash in time, gone in the blink of an eye -- we mothers won't remember that we went without taking a shower, a drink of water, or perhaps even going to the bathroom sometimes. We won't remember how messy our house was, or how demanding our job was.

What we will remember is a precious angel face handing us our bath towel (after our 60 second rinse in the shower), thrilled to pieces to have his mommy back. We'll remember tight squeezes around our neck and wet kisses all over our faces. We'll remember having the power to momentarily fix just about any crisis as if by magic. We'll remember peaceful naps and quiet nights and a warm bed with the ones we love. We'll remember story times and giggling under the covers and tea parties and dance parties and dress up.

And when our babies head off into the world without us, we'll notice how confidently they go, and we'll smile through tears we hope they don't notice. And we'll wave goodbye and think about how time goes so quickly.

Then maybe we'll go home, and have a cup of tea, and take a nice, long shower.

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