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Breastfeeding Following a Cesarean

Liz Marisol Moreno
From New Beginnings, Vol. 26 No. 2, 2009, p. 22

Sofía came into the world four weeks before her due date by an emergency cesarean, which was performed when she became stuck in the birth canal and her cardiac rhythm was falling dangerously. As a precautionary measure, she was in an incubator for her first hour of life.

Breastfeeding baby Sofía was not easy, as feeding my two older children had been. At the hospital she was given a bottle on the pretext that she was hungry while I still did not have milk. On returning home, my baby slept a lot and nursed little. At the three-week medical check-up, the pediatrician told me that my baby had hardly gained any weight because I did not have sufficient milk. I was advised to supplement with formula milk. On leaving the doctor's office I felt discouraged. I also received well-intentioned advice from some of my family and friends, who also said that my milk was insufficient and that I should give formula to my daughter.

Through all this, my husband, Guido Prieto, supported me to continue giving our daughter only my milk. He put me in touch with some La Leche League Leaders, who suggested how I could improve my breastfeeding technique. Moreover, I changed my pediatrician.

My husband's view is as follows. "For me the importance of breastfeeding is in the protection it offers babies from a lot of diseases -- my daughter is strong and healthy. Also, the bond between mother and baby is strengthened. That is why I give my support to my wife, reinforcing her self-esteem because her milk is good and enough to feed our daughter."

Now my baby is really chubby, healthy, and happy as I give her the best that I can give -- my milk!

Adapted from a story in the WABA Mother Support Task Force - E-newsletter

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