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I Remember Liz

Mary Lofton
LLLI Public Relations Manager
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 20 No. 3, May-June 2003, p. 115

When I think of Liz, I think of the vivacious and articulate woman who subdued talk show hosts and maneuvered legal minds to rethink their positions. Ideas flowed through her, sparked by her enthusiasm for life. She was quick to assess a difficult situation and to understand the essence of a legal problem. She was productive beyond measure in the 10 plus years I knew her.

My first conversation with her in 1992 lasted over an hour. We were discussing a difficult breastfeeding legal case. She was so clear on it. Step by step she walked me through all the possibilities and then laid out the strategy.

Throughout the years her help was but a phone call away whether it be a mother, a La Leche League Leader, or an attorney. In the field of public nursing and breastfeeding and employment she openly educated the media, health professionals, legislators, and government officials. In quiet and persistent ways she influenced attorneys and judges in her neverending quest to help mothers and babies to be together in custody and visitation cases.

Yet she always considered and honored the rights of the father. She worked relentlessly toward mediated decisions so that mothers and fathers would be the ones to amicably decide a future for their children rather than have the courts make the decision for them. The cultural trend of ignoring the needs of babies and young children has been turned around. Children yet to be born will benefit from the work that she has done.

I keep hearing her voice now, her laughter, her good sense, her humor. Her work will go on as her warm and loving spirit continues to inspire me each day.

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