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Conference Kaleidoscope

by Mary Hurt
2001 Conference Team Member
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 17 No. 6, November-December 2000, p. 225

You are invited to attend LLLI's 17th International Breastfeeding Conference: A Kaleidoscope of Families, Friends, and Cultures. The opening night and luncheon speakers will provide a kaleidoscope of insights, information, inspiration, and just plain fun.

"Fun is probably the most underutilized weapon in a parent's arsenal," says opening night speaker and psychologist Dr. Steven Tobias. "Parents are amazed at how much better they can become at promoting positive behavioral changes in their children if they simply let down their guard a bit." In his opening night session - like his book, Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, he will discuss unique ways parents can improve the behavior of their children. Dr. Tobias has an abundance of parenting strategies to help children become thinkers and problem solvers. He has an arsenal of other tactics aimed at improving family communication, coaching children to responsible actions, and reaching the hard-to-reach child. Tobias has wonderful ideas that produce results. He says, "It's possible to change behavior and enhance respect while still having a good time."

James McKenna, PhD, noted anthropologist and sleep researcher, must also believe in laughter and learning as evidenced in the title of his luncheon address, "The Society Who Mistook Their Children for Bats." Dr. McKenna is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame, a member of LLLI's Health Advisory Council, and an expert on the subject of co-sleeping. Dr. McKenna will share his extensive research on arranging a safe co-sleeping environment. He states, "Special precautions need to be taken to minimize catastrophic accidents. However, the need for such precautions is no more an argument against all co-sleeping and, specifically bedsharing, than is the reality of infants accidentally strangling, suffocating, or dying from SIDS alone in cribs, a reason to recommend against all solitary unsupervised infant sleep." Dr. McKenna will present a luncheon talk that is certain to be insightful and enjoyable. Look for more about his ideas in upcoming issues of NEW BEGINNINGS.

Dr. Raj K. Anand, pediatrician and author, will be presenting the second luncheon "Creating A Breastfeeding Friendly World." Dr. Anand has written The Penguin India Guide to Child Care, which has been described as the most breastfeeding friendly guide available in India. Dr. Anand is determined not only to help mothers to breastfeed their babies but also to win other doctors over to the support of breastfeeding. He believes that creating a breastfeeding friendly world is a possibility.

Our third luncheon speech, "Brain Dance-How movement affects brain development" will be presented by Anne Green Gilbert. Gilbert is the founder of the nonprofit Creative Dance Center as well as Kaleidoscope, a unique dance company of young people. She believes that movement is a key to learning. She states, "Television, video games, and computers have helped to produce a generation that struggles with learning problems, hyperactivity, and obesity. Many of these problems can be corrected through systematic movement exercises and patterns."

Gilbert also believes that brain research can point to ways to parent more effectively. "Engaging in a variety of somatic approaches ... helps children reorganize and bring about changes in the central nervous system that leads to more normal neurological development." Gilbert's expertise and passion for her subject matter are sure to make for an incredible luncheon.

Please join us in Chicago, Illinois, USA from July 7-10, 2001. Join us to learn, to laugh, and to share in the excitement, joy, and fun! Conference Registration Forms will be mailed with the January-February 2001 issue of NEW BEGINNINGS.

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