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Proud Mama

Megan Holterback
Great Falls, MT USA
From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 22 No. 6, November-December 2005, p. 245

I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Being the proud mama that I am, I sent a birth announcement via email to everyone that I know. Along with the announcement, I attached a few photos. One of the pictures was taken just a few hours after birth and included me nursing my newborn and holding my 20 month old. Immediately, I began to receive loving messages of congratulations, along with a teasing email from my sister. She joked with me about sending a picture of my breast and ended the email with "Oh, gross." We sent emails back and forth a bit, bantering lightheartedly about it. But in the end, all jokes aside, I was hurt that she saw this beautiful family portrait as "gross."

In my opinion, the "gross" picture was tasteful -- I sent it to all of my friends, family, and coworkers. When I look at it, I see a smiling, bright-eyed woman nurturing her son on one side and holding his proud big sister on the other. There was a bit of the top of my breast showing, but not any nipple or areola. The amount of skin shown was not even close to how much is exposed in the trendy shirts that many women and even teens wear.

On the covers of magazines, there are models and actresses showing most of their breasts. Some people say, "Wow, she looks hot in that." Yet, when a woman is hardly showing any skin and using her breasts for what they were made for, some people comment with, "Oh, gross."

Well, if someone thinks that nurturing my baby is gross, so be it. I have no intention of being apologetic. In fact, I urge anyone who approaches me about breastfeeding in public to be careful. They can either listen to my response about the many benefits of breastfeeding or hear the not-so-gentle version from my very supportive, yet hot-headed, husband.

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