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2001 Conference Award Recipients

From: NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 18 No. 5, September-October 2001, p. 181

Several special awards were announced during luncheons and general sessions throughout the Conference. Here are the winners.

This year's Award of Appreciation was given to Ksenija Soster-Olmer, an individual whose support of LLL has been outstanding. Ksenija was responsible for bringing LLL to Slovenia where she founded a Group, encouraged Leader Applicants, worked with the public and with health professionals, wrote a book, translated materials, and created positive attitudes about breastfeeding.

The Award of Appreciation was also given, posthumously, to Eleanor Randall, who was instrumental in bringing LLL to Europe. With her tireless translation and support she had great influence on German-speaking countries and helped build the image of LLLI as an international organization.

LLLI's Award for Excellence is given to an individual with outstanding work or accomplishment in the breastfeeding field. This year's recipient was Anna Coutsoudis for the research she has been carrying out in Durban, South Africa with regard to mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Her work has led to a better understanding of and respect for exclusive breastfeeding.

Dr. Felicity Savage-King was the recipient of the 2001 Award of Recognition, which is presented to those whose independent and positive promotion of breastfeeding has captured public attention. Dr. Savage-King has authored educational materials for health professionals that are distributed in many languages, directed breastfeeding courses, and contributed to the World Health Organization's Breastfeeding Counseling Course.

This year LLLI's Award of Achievement was given to Sharyle Patton, whose actions have initiated significant change in promoting and protecting breastfeeding. Patton worked to encourage environmental protections organizations to exercise care in the language used to describe contaminants in human milk so they don't inadvertently discourage women from breasffeeding.

LLLI's Leader Award recognizes Leaders who have worked in unique circumstances to support breastfeeding and whose collaborative efforts have made a significant contribution toward helping mothers breastfeed. This year's award was given to The Western Capetown Peer Counsellor Trainers in South Africa who have set up and sustained a successful Peer Counsellor Programme, training hundreds of women over the past seven years to support and promote breastfeeding in their communities.

The Founder's Award, granted by the seven Founders of LLL, goes to an individual who has made continuous, outstanding, and exemplary contributions to breastfeeding in the world. Dr. Hugh Riordan, long-time Health Advisory Council member, former member of the LLLI Board of Directors, and distinguished psychiatrist, was this year's recipient.

La Leche League International's Alumnae Association presents their award to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their personal, professional, or volunteer accomplishments and who are recognized leaders in their field of endeavor. Peggy O'Mara, the well-loved founder, editor, and publisher of Mothering magazine and author of the book, Natural Family Living, received this award.

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