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Nursing Success

Jacqui Norman
Ramrod Key Fl US
From NEW BEGINNINGS, Vol. 24 No. 5, September-October 2007, pp.210-211

I attended my first LLL meeting while I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2006. There was never a question about whether or not I would breastfeed -- I've always felt it was the best thing I could do for my baby. I assumed that since it's a natural process, I would have no problems. From the meetings I attended and articles I read in New Beginnings, I knew I'd have the support I needed from La Leche League. I knew it was possible for issues to arise while breastfeeding, and that it's important to be knowledgeable. Although I felt educated and prepared, I must admit that I was also nervous. What if breastfeeding was not the effortless experience I had imagined?

Our healthy baby, Kara, was born May 2006 at nine pounds, two ounces. Thankfully, she latched on right away. During the first few days, I struggled with advice from relatives to give her a little water or formula. “She is hungry!” But I knew my baby was normal; she was fine. I didn't give up, and my milk came in around the fourth or fifth day. I feel so blessed: a minor plugged duct was the only problem I had throughout our nursing experience. With breast massage, it was gone in a day or two.

I continued to nurse Kara until she was 13 months old when I discovered I was unexpectedly pregnant again! Kara was conceived after eight years of trying and a successful in vitro fertilization.

I will, of course, nurse my new baby as well. I hope that this time will be as easy as my first nursing experience with Kara. If it isn't, I know I will be prepared and have support from La Leche League.

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