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Find a La Leche League Leader or Group Near You in the USA

To find a Leader in your area, contact LLL USA here:
or call the helpline at: 1-877-452-5324 (1-877-4 LA LECHE)

Looking for LLL near you? Check the map!

Looking for LLL near you? Check the map!

Grupos en Español en EEUU.

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Leaders accredited by La Leche League International are available around the world to help mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies.

  • First, select from the list of states above to visit the web page of an LLL Group near you. All 50 US states have information on the web now.

  • Contact a Leader anywhere in your state. Any Leader listed on a Group Web page of a state within the US will have a directory of Leaders in her state, so she will be able to help you find a local Group or Leader.

  • Look in your local telephone directory. Many La Leche League Groups have listings in the white or yellow pages. Some are also listed in the free "blue" pages for nonprofit organizations, as well. If there is no listing under "La Leche League," look under headings labeled "breastfeeding" or "lactation." In some places La Leche League will be listed under "community resources" or "women's health."

  • Call your pediatrician or health clinic. Health care providers often have a file of La Leche League Leader names. Your local library may also have a listing.

  • Call the Leader Locator at 847-519-7730. This number provides access to an automated system for finding LLL Leaders in the US by entering a local zip code. In Canada, telephone 800-665-4324, or 514-LA-LECHE for a French-speaking Leader.

  • If you are unable to find a Group or Leader near you, 24-hour breastfeeding help is available toll-free in the US from the LLL Breastfeeding Helpline-US at 877-4-LA LECHE (452-5324).

LLL Leaders and Group members:

  • To receive a copy of the instructions for getting a Web page for your Group, Chapter District, Area or Affiliate, first check to be sure that your LLL entity does not maintain its own pages. If not, visit our instructions for getting a Group Web page and you can be on your way!

  • To update your LLLI-hosted Group page, first check to be sure that your LLL entity does not maintain its own pages. If not, send the new information to the ITNetwork. Use the Administrative Contacts section under Leader Pages/Leader Admin to send an email to the ITNetwork.

  • If your Area or Affiliate maintains its own Group pages, send corrections to the person in charge there.

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